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15 Sep

Incidence of spinal cord injuries(SCI)across the globe is about 55 million a year only about 35 million people survive the acute injuries. With increasing cases of spinal injuries worldwide, a need for a knowledge pool for careful hling of SCI was always felt. In this direction the International Spinal Cord sp-275x300society has decided to come up with an e-learning tool to provide the medical para medical staff a better knowledge of management of SCI.

Dr. H.S. Chabbra, Medical Director at Indian Spinal Injury Center said, “The patient would be benefited because the professional would come to know about its proper management. They would be able to manage them properly, prevent complications they would have a better outcome. In addition, if a patient wants they can also go to the site because the basic module is meant for various disciplines where whether doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, peer councilor. So, it’s going to be a very simple tool which evens the patients should be able to underst. In the next phase we will also develop a specific module for the patients. They can get information from this tool they’ll be able to underst this.”

It will cover topics like prevention of SCI, clinical assessment of patients, pre-hospital acute care of SCI management, team based approach, nutritional management, physiotherapy, psychosocial management of the patient family, sexuality & fertility related issues, vocational rehabilitation, bowel bladder care management, occupational therapy assistive technology.

Shivjeet Singh Raghav, a peer counselor patient education coordinator at ISIC said, “Spinal cord injury is something which people, doctors others know from the books. They haven’t experienced that. One goes through social, psychological phases a person who himself goes through can underst that especially a person who has come out of it can rightly underst with confidence can help others on how to lead a life after spinal injury. There are very intricate details about management. As a peer counselor I relate with them more they relate with me this motivate them in a big way. So there is a particular way to council. All that we are putting on e-learning tool so that other countries can find people with spinal injury train them to be a peer counselor in their center across the world.”

The e-learning tool will have all the basic information about proper management of SCI. It can be easily accessed by the patients practitioners of SCI around the world. The content will be in form of slides with picture to quizzes voice-overs.

Dr. H.S. Chabbra, Medical Director, Indian Spinal Injury Center, said: “Various 18 sub committees have been formed with 207 experts around the globe representing different countries. They are then on each module framing a presentation also all details of that this subsequently would be put on the website. The company doing the interface is from India by august the first draft will come in. We should be ready to host this information on website by September then finally will launch it on spinal injury cord annual conference in London.”

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