NANOTECHNOLOGY is Now a promissory Solution For Cancer Therapy

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NANOTECHNOLOGY is Now a promissory Solution For Cancer Therapy
15 Sep

Use of Nanotechnology in medical science has opened the doors for targeted therapy that can precisely target the cancer cells tumors. The number of oral cancer patients in India is estimated to be 2 Lakhs approximately 3 Lakhs people are suffering from other forms of solid tumors. A company, Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited, has aimed to develop sophisticated diagnostic therapeutic instruments for treating various types of cancers.

Mr. S Abhaya Kumar, the Managing Director of Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited said, “We have collaborated with university of Missouri we have formed a joint venture there. This will focus on transfer of technology from Missouri to India for the production of core Nano particles. The second phase would be manufacturing radioactive gold Nano particles this will be used for trials stipulated by the Govt. of India before it is used in humans.”

Nanotechnology in medicine has an extensive scope to bring about a miraculous change in the way cancer, tumor various diseases disorders are treated. It also has a tremendous potential for detection diagnosing purposes. Scientists started working on the implementation of this technology in medical science in 2005 now it has reached the stage of animal testing. However, the technology is now awaiting clinical trials on human beings.

Dr. Ruckmani Arunachalam, a scientist at Department of Science Technology said, “It is going to be revolutionary medicine especially in the treatment of diseases where in the drugs have many other side effects to human body. In such disease the targeted application of the Nano particle is really will be a revolution because diseases like cancer where the property of the cancer is metastatic. Which spreads from one place to another then continuous use of drug is not possible with lots of side effects of the day. In such cases really the use of Nano Particle is god’s gift. So we will be having tremendous impact in medicine as well as the treatment of disease like cancer.”

Experts from Indian Institute of technology foresee the huge possibilities of Nanotechnology. It is emerging as a solution for chronic ailments like cancer, tumor, asthma, diabetes prostate cancer. In this therapy the drug is delivered with nano particles which precisely kill the targeted cell.

Dr. Prashant Mishra, Professor, Department of Biochemical Engineering& Biotechnology, IIT Delhi said, “Future of this Nanotechnology in medical science is very bright because it not only going to use in delivery of drug, it is going to be used in diagnostic as well. So it can work in the area of diagonostic as well as delivery of drug in various diseases.”

The use of Nanotechnology has many exciting possibilities in medical science. The company has planned Nano Medicine kits which still await the US Food Drug Administration approval for clinical trials in India. In the near future the company has also planned to produce Radioactive Gold Nano Particles for cancer treatment in various reactors in the world including India.

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