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15 Sep

Forty year old Monica suffered a back injury when she was 30 years old. A fitness lover, Monica was asked by the doctors to keep all the exercises aside take bed rest. But as soon as her pain subsided she took up Pilates, which changed her life forever. Todayshe is a certified trainer of Pilates practicing it for over eight years now.

Monica who is a Yoga Instructor in Pilates Retreat, Delhi said, “I started reading a lot about it I started practicing on my own by attending workshops. I realized my back started feeling little better the faith started growing in me. I just took to Pilates after that. Today, I have a wonderful back I want the same thing for everyone.”

Yoga Pilates works by controlling one’s body. Yoga meditation requires a person to sit at one place position whereas Yoga Pilates incorporates rigorous physical exercise. It helps in achieving a sense of control well being over the mind the body. It integrates both yoga Asanas Pilates exercises. The idea is to have a core-training with versatility of yoga postures.

Monica, Yoga Instructor, Pilates Retreat, Delhi, said: “We have certain exercises for strengthening. For example core strength, shoulder, the knees, ankles, any kind of joints basically strengthening of the body. It basically covers the local deep muscles which you generally don’t cover in the gym or when you are doing the other kind of exercises. But Pilates focuses basically on that. So when your local muscles are strong there is internal strength that grows in you. Then we have flexibility exercises which includes range of motion around the joints. Then we have mobility exercises which help to move faster through the joints”

The long term benefits of Pilates include enhancement of one’s ability to remain healthy by improving the functioning of muscles other internal organs. It helps in blood circulation, weight loss problems of the digestive systems. Where everyone tries to cope up with day to day stress Pilates increases the spiritual health concentration of the person to perform better in their work environment. To intensify the program, props like the ring, small toning balls, gym balls form-rollers are used to challenge the stability, coordination balance make the person go from beginner’s level to improver’s level. The routine can be tailored according to fitness level medical concern of a person. However the trainers advise checking certain things before doing Yoga Pilates.

Monica, Yoga Instructor, Pilates Retreat, Delhi said,“Too fast too soon is also not good. So it has to move in a particular flow it is very important. Only thing that I advice everyone before getting into Pilates is that a person has work under a certified instructor. As good it is, it can also be bad for you. If you have any stress or back problems this program is wonderful bring your back into a normal state”.

Pilates is for everyone above the age of 16 years. It can be customised according to different individuals like athletes’ to even dancers. There are innumerable styles combinations of Pilates from rehabilitative Yoga Pilates to dynamic Yoga Pilates to even Yoga Pilates on a ball. What makes it popular is the interesting blend of western eastern style to tone, streamline realign your body.

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